Fangirl power

Years ago, when I just know arashi, my family dont know anything about them. My sister and mom start to remember nino from yamada tarou drama that we watched before, but they forgot sho. My brother (oniichan), who also watched gokusen remember about jun. but of course they dont know their name.

Months passed, and I always in my room or livingroom watching arashi (concert, bangumi, drama,  movie, pv, making, and other stuff). My younger brother (ototo) start to remember arashi members face and name (i dont know how he remember it faster than the others). My sister who love our national star, also start to join me to watch arashi videos, so she also start to know arashi. My mom also start to know the member (but he still forgot the name, except nino and ohno, as I say it many times). Oniichan also start to remember their name (though he didnt have interest as he always playing games and watching anime like nino. lol. I hope he is one of nino game's buddy. lol). My dad really dont give a damn about it at all. if someone ask what is his daughter watch, maybe he just say, japanese stuff (and I hope he dont say that is korean, as he dont know the different and dont care at all about it.)

A year passed, my ototo said that he is ohno's fan (but not as crazy as me, but of course I really happy about it. If I have new video, I just call him to watch it together with me. although sometime he feel bored and leave me halfway). My mom, oniichan and dad start to let me to japan soon (of course with my own money. as I always say wanna go to japan again and again. and it make me can work harder. before, they teally againts it).

And today, I'm very happy. because finally, my sister open up to me that she likes ohno. Kyaaa.... I have new member to watch arashi videos. She say it directly to me when I play Are You Happy DVD on living room. She sit beside me and watch it until the end. it make me remember she also watch the japonism with me until the end (although she end up sleeping in the living room. lol).

This boost my fangirl power to search up arashi video. lol. Nino is my ichiban, and my ototo's and imoto's ichiban is ohno. so our OTP is ohmiya. lol

Nino-San !!!

I want to watch the old episodes of nino san, but I cant find many. I just have 7 episodes. I need more nino-san...
I wanna watch him tell many things about his personal life.
Hope there's someone have the old nino-san episodes...

Our Happy Little Family

TITLE : Our Happy Little Family
AUTHOR : Niyuzuku (and help of ayu neechan and ichi neechan)
PAIRING : Ohmiya

I dont own nino and ohno and two boy in the photos.
The photos is screencaps from stormy's video.
English is not my first language, please bear my gramatical error.

Nino was a normal worker. He married Ohno years ago. They was office's best team, but end up love each other and when they decided to get married, nino resign and chose to be a good housewife. Now they are happy couple with 2 children, Kazushi and Satonari.
[Ohmiya Family pic]

They just live normally like today. Satonari, the little one doesnt like to take a bath. If he had bad day, he wont listen nino mama to take a bath. The one who can persuade him only ohno papa.
[Ohno try to persuade]

When satonari want to bath, nino mama always make papa also take kazushi to bath together.
[Prepare to bath]

Different with mama who only bath them, with papa they can play together in the bathroom. That why the children love to bath with papa.
[Playing in the bath]

Mama also happy when childern bath with papa, because mama can cook without hidrance.
[Nino cook]

But Kazushi niichan is bratty like his mom. Just after take a bath, he play in the floor still naked. Mama who still cook can't do anything about it. So mama call papa to towel him.
[Bratty child]

But papa is papa, he just do what mama say without thinking much. He is toweling kazushi in the kitchen. Mama feel they hidrance her cooking area. She dont want their family hurt because playing in the kitchen area. Mama scold him to bring them to livingroom.
[Nino scold Ohno]

Ohno just smile to his wife, then towel and clothe them in the livingroom.
[Ohno toweling children]

After the foods is ready and they used the clothes properly, finally they can eat the dinner together. The boys really picky on food, that why mama must feed them herself as papa only eat by himself.
[Eat dinner together]

Finished eating papa play with the boys as mama wash the dish. Mama who exhausted just can complain to herself as she know papa must be also tired.
[Nino is washing dish]

But papa know that mama tired, as she must care the kids all day when he work. So papa have an idea to make mama happy, that is make the children praise their mama.
[who liked the foods?]

Just with the praise of their boys, mama smile blommed. Papa also smile when he see his wife happy face.

Take and Give

I cant believe it that arashiproject really big project. They really help us to activate the deadlink from the old communities.
Thank you winkychan for let me join to help the team. I'll do my best for my fellow arashian... <3
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Are You Happy ?

Yes, I'm happy !!!

Because "Arashi - Are You Happy Tour DVD" spoiler everywhere....

I can't wait to see the all videos. I believe can spare more than 8 hours to watch it all. XD
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Minna o aishitemasu

Watashi no otou-san wa kakkoi

Watashi no onii-chan wa yasashii

Watashi no ototo-chan wa kawaii

Watashi no imouto-chan wa kireii

Watashi no okaa-san wa kowaii

minna o aishiteimasu... <3<3<3<3<3
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Fanfic List

Hello, I'm Niyuzuku.
This is my first fanfic story that I write. I have many story running in my mind, but usually I'm too lazy to write it.
This is one long story, but I make it became some part, that you can enjoy it as some short stories or as a long story.
Note: Some part is adult rating, so I gave the rating.
Hope you like it.


TITLE : When I meet my Idol
Note: Nino cameo

TITLE : Love is growing

TITLE : Married already?

TITLE : Let's do it

TITLE : Family things

TITLE : I miss you

TITLE : Confession

TITLE : Our Night

TITLE : Different pattern

TITLE : First Curry

TITLE : Secret Door

Secret Door

TITLE : Secret Door
AUTHOR : Niyuzuku


Note: I dont own ohno.
Gomen, english is not my first language.
This is the next stage of First Curry fanfic

I'm going downstairs happily, he smile as he saw my bright aura. He hold my hand and show me the car in front of his parent's house. He open the passenger door for me, then he also sit beside me. I just know that on the driver seat a guy ready to bring us somewhere.

We going inside a big building, I believe if no one will know who going in and out from this building as the wall high enough to make no one can see what going on here. I think this is some private restaurant, that the staff always close his mouth about who was going in here. Then the driver stop the car, Ohno open his door beside him. From outside of car he give his hand to me, so I can hold him to come out from the car. He still hold my hand and he open the door and let me in to this great building.

It wasnt restaurant, its a house, a big house with great artistic design that I can tell it well as I'm not an artist like him. It was a nice house, with warm feeling when I'm going in. I hear voices from inside, so I ask satoshi if someone here. He just nodded. I can hide my smile when I see okaasan, otoosan, oneechan and his husband is here. I let go of satoshi's hand and hug okaasan and oneechan, I ask them what happen, why everybody here. Okaasan tell me that this is satoshi's house. They wait satoshi bring me here.

I cant believe it, this house like a castle for me. I never think that he have a big house like this. This is too big for me. Satoshi come closer to me, then say that he need someone to live here with him, and he chose me. His family smile at me. Then I ask satoshi, why he dont ask his family to live here. Okaasan answer my question, she say that she love his own house, and dont want to leave her house until her die. Oneechan also say the same, he have a house with his husband, and he just want to live with his husband, and sometime back to parents house when she miss it.

I ask back to satoshi, why he didnt live with his parent. He say that the agency cant control his parent house area security, for his safety. That why he must move to a safety area as he is top idol, he choose this house not because big, but because the warm feeling inside the house. But there are many times he feel lonely in this house, that why he want me to live with him.

But he will feel bad if it make me feel lonely when he work outside, as it wont be easy for me to going in and out from this house, as he dont want paparazi caught me. That why he brough a house behind this house and make secret door that connect to this house. It make other person think that I life in that house, though that house just a way to satoshi's house. Then they show me that magic door. The door is like a shelf. but when you open it, it lead you to the room in the back house, it's looks like mirror from this side. I wonder where he have this idea, but I love it so much.